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Keegan Hucul

NSAM Certified Master Trainer

Personal Trainer

Certificates and Specs:

-NASM Certified Master trainer

-PPSC (pain-free performance specialist)


-Kettlebell Lvl 1 & 2

-TRX RIP Trainer

-Bulgarian Bag

-Dotfit Nutrition

-Hypervolt Certified

-Trigger point Self Myofascial Release Therapy


I am a personal trainer with a Bachelor's Degree In Kinesiology, a former division 1 NCAA athlete on a baseball scholarship from University of Texas At Arlington. I was a left-handed pitcher in college for 4 years.


I have almost 20 years of gym and weight room experience, and have been involved in athletics my whole life. I began working out for sports performance at age 12. 


I am passionate about human movement in both sport and life, and enjoy motivating clients on a daily basis. I pride myself on exercise mechanics and helping every day people live a more pain-free life. I value having fun in a training session and making the often-scary gym process very enjoyable for everyone.


I have had a lot of personal and professional success over the years as a trainer. From clients winning success-story competitions to ironing out an ongoing pain issue. I am grateful for the lives I have had an opportunity to impact.


For 3 consecutive years I was a President's Club award winner at the previous gym I worked at. This means north of $120,000 in PT sales per year.

For the 5 years I worked there I was the top in both sessions serviced and training sold, and was consistently one of the top producers in the company. After earning the title of Master Trainer I lead quite a few education workshops with the team.


When the pandemic hit I decided to launch into my own personal training business endeavor and have loved it ever since. Learning the ropes on what it takes to operate a fitness business solo has been both fun and challenging, especially during a pandemic. As I gain experience and continue growing,  I am driven to continue offering premium services to the greater Victoria community!

Areas of Expertise

246425397_376098444239503_2639840067636709939_n (1).jpg

7 years 1 on 1 and group personal training experience

Post-surgery clientele and injury recovery cases

Weight loss and general strength and conditioning

Advanced understanding on exercise mechanics

Mobility and regaining pain-free movement

Young aspiring athletes to sedentary elderly looking to start slowly and feel better.

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